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My Approach

​As a first-generation immigrant, I have an understanding of the unique challenges of living as a minority. I see cultural background as paramount in a person’s identity development, relationships, and coping. I frequently explore clients’ cultural identity with curiosity and respect and ask about their experiences of cross-cultural communication, oppression and discrimination with sensitivity and empathy.


I adopt a humanistic, interpersonal, and multicultural approach to therapy, and use various evidence-based interventions such as Mindfulness, and Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), etc. My clients often describe me as warm, approachable, and compassionate. My goal is to provide a safe, trusting, authentic, and culturally sensitive place where you can speak without fear of judgment, tell your stories and feel heard, gain clarity and increase self-awareness, explore options and learn new ways to better manage your life.

Psychological Services and Specialties

I provide individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, workshops and consultation. I specialize in providing Chinese-English bilingual therapy, working with international students and Asian/Asian Americans, and treating anxiety, depression, relationship issues, academic and cultural adjustment, women’s issues, and mindful parenting.

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